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Spam filters control email threats by identifying potentially dangerous messages. There are two factors to consider for spam filters: the way the spam is filtered and the way spam filters are implemented. There are different approaches for filtering, like honeypots, blacklists, spam fingerprints, and text filters. Spam filters that have multi-level spam protection offer the best defense against the danger that spam presents to your networks and employees t. . The ePrism appliance-based spam filter combines multiple spam blocking technologies and is easily installed at the perimeter of your network to stop spam before it reaches internal servers. With central management control, you can manage spam filtering across your entire network from a single console.

Types of Spam Filters
Spam filters identify spam by collecting messages and creating a reference to which to compare incoming messages. Honeypots do this by creating a dummy account which attracts spam messages. A similar method is spam fingerprinting, which creates a database of recognized spam.
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Passive filtering uses individual restrictions on blocking emails. Blacklists set lists of domains or email addresses which are always blocked and allow all others. Content rules scan messages for keywords and block any messages which violate those rules.

There are difficulties associated with trying to identify spam — honeypots are dangerous to network security, spam fingerprinting requires constant updates, and content rules can produce many false positives and negatives. Adding another layer of difficulty is the way some spam filters are configured. Spam filters can be configured locally, by individual users, which provides flexibility for users, but makes for patchy coverage across a network. Alternatively, spam filters can be implemented centrally by an administrator, which offers equal coverage across all users, but at a loss of individual adaptability.

ePrism offers Total Spam Protection
ePrism unifies all of the potential spam filters and implementations in a single filtering solution that doesn’t require using as many of your administrative resources.. ePrism uses a variety of next generation spam filters that provide collective filtering like honeypots and spam fingerprinting, text filtering, and user-configured filters for keywords and blacklists, which guarantees robust, cross-enterprise spam filters while allowing users to customize individual spam filters. Because ePrism is a hardened and optimized appliance-based solution, software and filter updates are automatic and virtually zero maintentance is required.

ePrism also provides business-centric features such as notifications for blocked content, comprehensive, network-wide reporting, and award-winning virus scanning.

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