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Anti-Spam Filter - Email Threats

Threats from Spam
Spam is an obvious inconvenience — it wastes employee time, clogs inboxes, and can use up storage space and other network resources. But some of the worst damage from spam isn’t obvious. Spam email can introduce more than wasted time; a number of security threats can be introduced onto your business network through spam:

  • Viruses and malicious software can be attached to spam. The malware then propagates itself through the network or through the user’s address book. Spyware is usually a bundle of software that monitors system performance, use patterns, visited websites, and even personal information. Spyware can nest deep into a system and deplete resources without being easily found or removed.
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  • Inappropriate content is the most common problem with spam. Some of the most common spam messages try to sell pornography or other sexually-explicit products, which can lead to sexual harassment lawsuits and other action if a business doesn’t try to control that kind of content.
  • Spam is a battlefront for con artists. Some are outright confidence schemes, from fake lottery winnings to chain letters. Other scams, called phishing, appear to be legitimate emails from a bank or business; when the person responds, the scammer steals their account information or other personal information.

Many anti-spam filter systems don’t directly address all of these threats. Some anti-spam filter systems review content, but only per computer. Virus protection usually detects malware only after the email has been opened and the attachment downloaded.

ePrism Anti-Spam Filter Solutions
ePrism is a high-performance appliance-based anti-spam filter solution. Administrators can set content policies across an entire company, while individuals still have some control their own content preferences and blacklists. Importantly, ePrism combines award-winning Kaspersky Labs virus-detection with content filtering, so that the ePrism anti-spam filter process is more comprehensive and effective. The ePrism anti-spam filter solution addresses the different ways that inappropriate content can be transmitted through a targeted, multi-level, anti- spam filter process:
  • Content-based, context-aware anti-spam filter which looks at the text of the message to identify emerging spam
  • Virus scanning for every message
  • Anti-spam filter using a database of known spam messages
  • User-configurable content filters to search for problem keywords or phrases
  • Attachment anti-spam filter, which filters based on file types and sizes

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