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Spam Filter - Email Content

Tiered Spam Filter - Multiple Targets
Danger from spam takes different forms: through large attachments, malware and viruses, lost productivity, and inappropriate content. ePrism attacks email problems by using a cascading spam filter set. Each message passes through multiple spam filters, each looking for a different email threat, so that each different kind of spam problem is met and blocked.
  1. The first tier, the reputation filter, looks at the entire message heuristically for potential problem words in the header, body, and attachments. The spam filter also tries to rank the words contextually, so that "FREE!!!" is ranked higher than "free." The reputation filter also considers the sender’s IP address and message routing. Obvious spam messages are quarantined immediately. Other messages are routed through the next spam filter.
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  1. The next tier of the spam filter process has two parts:
    • An anti-virus scanner looks for known viruses, spyware, trojans, and other malware.
    • An innovative, proprietary spam filter scans the messages again, comparing the email to a database of spam fingerprints and looking for other indicators of spam messages, covering both images and text, even HTML.
    Any messages which contain viruses or are identified as spam are sent to the quarantine; all other messages are sent to the final level of the spam filter.

  1. The last tier of the ePrism spam filter is guided by user-configured content rules. Both administrators and individual users can set rules for what emails they receive.
    • Administrators can set email policies for the message size, attachment size, and attachment file types that users can receive.
    • Administrators can also set content matching rules; these use regular expressions to find words or phrases in the subject line or message body that can be sensitive or inappropriate, to control the type of messages that employees can send and receive at work.
    • Both administrators and employees can create blacklists of banned IP addresses or domains and white lists of allowed IP addresses or domains. This allows people fine-grained control over which emails they receive.
    The user-control section has a category-based spam filter; each email message is categorized and specialized for different users. The spam filter allows some kinds of email to get through while blocking those categories for other users, blocked by size, by attachment type, by content.

ePrism delivers unrivalled email security with a unique combination of spam protection, anti-virus and advanced content control in a high-performance appliance. Using the award-winning Kaspersky Labs Anti-Virus®, ePrism stops malicious code and viruses at the perimeter before they can reach your internal servers. The ePrism spam filters uses multi-layered technology in an appliance-based solution with its own hardened and optimized O/S. This assures completed compatibility with any network platform.

ePrism email filtering appliances provide a total email perimeter defense and advanced spam filtering that protects against critical threats whether intentional or accidental. ePrism protects corporations and organizations from the dangers inherent in spam email.

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