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Exchange Server Spam Filter & Corporate Spam Filter Reviews
(Message Routing, Archiving, Quarantining)

Mail Management & Exchange Server Spam Filter
Multiple mail servers help to balance the load on individual servers, making sending and archiving messages easier and faster. These mail servers are all listed in the network’s DNS registry as mail exchange (MX) servers, with the primary mail server being the first one listed. Mail is sent to the primary server, then to subsequent servers if the server is down or the load is heavy.

Frequently, anti-virus software or an exchange server spam filter is installed on the primary MX server. A common spam trick is sending messages to another MX server, bypassing any corporate spam filter reviews on the primary mail servers. Running a exchange server spam filter on each mail server, however, can become expensive because of licensing fees and increased maintenance time.
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ePrism controls messages which are delivered and filtered by mail servers by functioning as a single, controlled set of corporate spam filter reviews which routes messages. Because it is dedicated appliance-based spam filter, all corporate email is routed through it, making it impossible for spammers to bypass the spam filter.

Because all your corporate email traffic is inspected and filtered by ePrism, spam protection is assured:
  • Spam and virus filter updates are applied automatically, without gaps in protection.
  • Spam and viruses are never delivered to your network.
  • Business networks can still use and maintain their own independent mail servers.
Inbound traffic is run through a series of spam filters.ePrism inspects all inbound and outbound messages and quarantines questionable emails. Quarantined messages can be reviewed and used as a basis for blacklists and content rules, so corporate spam filter reviews of every message can be customized.ePrism also filters outbound messages against your coporate content rules.

Because ePrism is an appliance-based solution with its own hardened and optimized OS, it sits on your network perimeter and routes all messages regardless of what network platform you use. ePrism is available in a variety of models to handle even the largest distributed networks with hundreds of thousands of emails per day. Comprehensive on-box reporting insures that you can enforce your AUP while you monitor email traffic and protect your networks from spam that carries viruses and malware.

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