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Due to the rapid spread of mobile device connectivity, businesses are determining that they have a lot of employees linking to the Internet from mobile devices such as cellular phones or tablets, instead of from their office computer. Businesses and organizations are addressing mobile security by either adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or through providing team members with organization-owned tablets, mobile phones, laptop computers and other mobile devices. With expanded usage comes additional risk, and EdgeWave realizes this as well as anyone.

Unique Mobile Device Security systems by EdgeWave combine online and social media security products to furnish absolute security throughout your company, associating each of your users securely by supervising key acceptable use policies (AUP), compliance requirements and protecting your organization's bottom line. EdgeWave offers the only Secure Content Management supplier for all-inclusive online and mobile security tools for portable devices. EdgeWave Mobile Device Security's adaptable integration alternatives and fluid integration means you are able to offer your employees the benefit of mobile connectivity at the office, without the dangers.

  • Compatibility with your organization's portable device AUP, whether business-provided mobile devices or BYOD.
  • The ability to remain transparent to end-users while our mobile security solutions provide granular policy implementation throughout your company.
  • Deployment of EdgeWave's security by using your existing Mobile Device Management solution or execute policies for portable device users with EdgeWave Mobile Device Management
  • User friendly configuration of EdgeWave mobile security solutions, providing seamless portable device security integration with iPrism Remote Filter, iPrism Web Filter and Social Media Security
  • Improved employee satisfaction and productivity with effortless management of employee Internet access without latency for both corporate or personal mobile devices
  • Compatible with Bring Your Own Device policy or secure corporate provided mobile devices
  • EdgeWave offers Social Media Security and Web Security for mobile devices across all platforms for Windows laptops, MacBooks, Android tablets (which include Samsung tablets, Kindle Fire and Nexus 7), iPad, iphone and Android phones.
  • Cost reduction with diminished complexity of supporting mobile components to facilitate regulatory mandate compliance and assure acceptable use policy.

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