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Tap Into the Power of Social Media

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Many companies are discovering that utilizing social networking sites improves connection to their customers, partners and vendors and also to their employees. In a recent survey of business leaders by Mckinsey, they found that 69% of them reported large revenue growth from utilizing social media. The following areas showed change:
  • Increased Revenue
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Most direct and efficient marketing
Allowing access to social media does pose it's own risks, however. These may be brand damage, cyber-harassment, productivity loss and possible security threats. What is a way that you can have both the power of social media while still mitigating the risks?

EdgeWave Delivers Comprehensive Social Media Security

EdgeWave Social is a way for businesses to effectively oversee, filter and report on-end user interactions with social media apps through granular, policy-driven controls. Instead of simply doing away with popular websites like Facebook and Twitter due to the risks, Social Media Security enables real-time policy matching and enforcement for your entire business.

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