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ePrism Anti-Spam Filter - More Effective
Spam takes a variety of forms, from HTML and image-rich messages to plain text. It can be designed to fool text-searching anti spam filter programs with intentionally misspelled words, faked sites, and bogus offers. Sometimes, the real problem in spam lies not in the message body but in its attachments, like spyware, viruses or other executables.

There are several different theories for anti spam filter systems. Aggressive methods attract spam messages; passive methods rely on blacklists or content rules. The ePrism Spam Filter has multi-layered spam defense and offers benefits over installing anti-spam filter software on a workstation (which addresses spam after it’s delivered) or on a mail server: ePrism provides a variety of different anti-spam filter sets for different targets, and ePrism is an appliance-based solution that is installed at the perimeter of your network so spam can be quarantined before it ever reaches your internal servers.
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ePrism integrates a multi-layered defense that provides different types of anti-spam filter sets designed to address each kind of threat:
  • Spam identification filters. ePrism incorporates a reputation filter, which heuristically analyzes a message and ranks its likelihood of being spam, with an industry-leading anti spam filter, which looks for known spam messages as well as spam characteristics, like mismatched URLs or email addresses and sender profile framework (SPF) servers.
  • Configurable policy controls. ePrism anti spam filter system allows administrators to set rules on email content (regular expression-based content filtering) and attachment type and size, so that businesses have direct control over email content.
  • ePrism has award-winning Kaspersky Labs virus scanners that look for known viruses, spyware, and other forms of malicious software.

ePrism monitors every message that comes into your network and runs each through a series of anti spam filter sets. If something in the message triggers an anti spam filter, the message is sent to quarantine — which can be reviewed safely over the web by admins and users — before ever being routed to the mail server and sent to your employees.

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